7 Stairs Canyon. A breathtaking experience in the core of a mountain. Beware! 7 ladders and 7 mini-heart attacks

The 7 Stairs Canyon (or Seven Ladders Canyon) is a breathtaking attraction in Romania, near Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in eastern Europe.

The trip to the 7 Stairs Canyon can be done in one day and it’s a remarkable experience for brave tourists. 7 Stairs Canyon lies in Piatra Mare Mountains and it is one of the great attractions in Brasov for those who enjoy hiking . The road to the canyon (and back) can be done in about two hours and it is accessible to children. The tricky part is to cross this canyon. That I wouldn’t recommend to children. Thousands of tourists transit this area but, personally, I find it quite dangerous. With every ladder climbed, if you are not used with climbing mountains, you will have a few mini heart-attacks. Or at least I did. As you will see in the images below, the circuit on the rocks is really not according to safety regulations.

The Romanian authorities posted an announcement at the entrance in the canyon where tourists are warned not to enter and to choose a detour outside these rocks. However, many many tourists choose to take this beautiful trip along the rocks and waterfalls. Fortunately, no tourist were injured here.

The stairs are really close to the waterfalls so in hot days it is very refreshing to climb the stairs with water splashing on you. However, tourists must be careful. The water from the waterfalls can make the steps a little bit slippery and it is very important to hold on really tight when climbing.